Focuses on athlete's strengths and weaknesses to improve overall performance.                                 

  • Emphasis given on footwork, speed and agility drills.                                                                

  • Bodyweight and kettlebells are main tools used to enhance muscular endurance. Other equipment to be used as needed.                                                                                  

  • Learn the importance of flexibility, mobility, discipline and mental toughness as an athlete to prevent injuries and perform at your best.

  • Increases joints strength, range of motion, and overall stamina

  •   Targets your weaknesses and help correct imbalances
  •   Improves mental strength and create an endless will  for training

  •    enhances flexibility, mobility and speed. Great tool for conditioning


  • Improve balance, flexibility, coordination, and endurance


  • Strengthen your core and elevate your cardio training​​​ while learning proper forms


  • Kick your way to stronger hamstrings, thighs and other leg muscles


  • Tone the upper body by throwing punches and elbows


  • Shed the body fat for muscle  toning